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As parents, grandparents, caregivers, and educators of children, we know when a child is struggling.  Sometimes those struggles look like “bad behavior” or learning difficulty while at other times it may appear as developmental delay in speech or language.  Additionally, these struggles can often be mental health challenges, depression, or childhood anxiety.  Whatever the challenge, our desire is to help that child overcome those difficulties and soar.  In order to do this, we feel it is important to help parents and caregivers work towards identifying a root cause by providing information in written, video, and personalized formats, as well as assisting with data trending and tracking.  Our suite of services is geared toward assisting parents of any background or technical expertise.  We strive to keep our services broken into 2 simple categories:

1.   A Subscription based information repository which contains:

A wide range of articles and videos related to laboratory testing, genetic testing, special diets, recent research, and advocating for your child.

Recurring “how to” and monthly Q/A webinars

Recommended books, research papers and literature.

2.  Personal one-on-one consultation with one of our advocates.

Simplifying large amounts of information for application to your own child’s situation.

Producing personalized “Medical Resumes” and ”Health Dashboards”.

Where are you now?

You may feel in your gut that something is off with your child; perhaps you feel that something is just not right.  As a result, you may have gone to your pediatrician to express your concerns only to be reassured that “they will grow out of it”.  Maybe, your child has recently received a diagnosis of autism  and you are lost at what to do next.  Wherever you are on your journey, we are here to help you navigate the path to an improved quality of life for your child and for your family.

Why Empowered Advocacy?

We are here to meet you exactly where you are at with your child.  By joining us online, at Empowered Advocacy, we look forward to sharing what we have learned over the last decade of navigating multiple “systems”, to arrive at individualized care and treatment for our own child.  As a result of this individualized, methodical and scientific approach, we were able to witness many of our child’s struggles melt away.  We have found that when a scientific approach to identifying a root cause is utilized and that root cause is ultimately addressed, the issue or concern is often relieved. 

We look forward to helping  you find that “just right” approach for your loved one.  Partnering with us gives you access to an advocate who has done nearly 15 years of scientific research.  This research benefitted her child, but can also benefit YOURS.  Our advocate, Kristi Wees, has the ability to take very complex medical, biochemical, and scientific topics and distill them into easy to understand, use-able information.  This approach allows you to be empowered with the knowledge you need to go and talk to the professionals and specialists treating your child.  We can save you wasted time and  money in your journey by helping you prioritize a plan.  We can also help you focus on key outcomes that matter for you and your family (hours of sleep the family gets a night vs. how many medications your child takes).


Ask the Advocate Episode 6: IVIG, Vitamin A, Educational Advocacy

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