Ask the Advocate

Each month we host an “Ask the Advocate” session for our First Steps Members. During these sessions we answer questions submitted by our members. If you have a question, please submit it here. If you would like to join us for the next call or would like to listen to the past calls you can join First Steps here. If you are already a member please Log In.

 Below is the archive of past sessions that are available to members to view:

Episode 1: Folate, MTHFR, Finding a doctor, PANDAS, SNPs, Advocate

Episode 2: Hypoparathyroidism, CIRS, Lipase, Gluten, Carnitine

Episode 3: Water filtration, PANDAS, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, IgG vs. IgE, State Vaccination Requirements

Episode 4: IgG, IgM, Exome Sequencing, Oxalates, Autism, PANDAS, Mast Cells

Episode 5: Mosquito Spraying, Mold, Primitive Reflexes, MTHFR, Nitrous Oxide

 Episode 6: IVIG, Vitamin A, Educational Advocacy