Mitochondrial Toxins: Mitoxic

mitochondrial toxins

Today we launch a series called Mitoxic, where we are talking all about mitochondrial toxins.

What are mitochondria you may wonder?

Well, watch our video below for an introduction and get ready to learn all about the toxins that abound in our everyday lives that may weaken and sicken your mitochondria. If you are a healthy adult or child you may not notice the impact of a diet soda, some mercury in a pharmaceutical product or some Red 40 dye in your cake icing. However, if you are a child with a developmental delay, a neurologic condition, an immune system dysfunction or a genetic disorder, your mitochondria may already be struggling. Any additional insults from mitochondrial toxins may put that child’s health “over the edge”.  Avoiding further injury is a key piece of rejuvenation for our bodies and our mitochondria.

Mito-conundrum article link here.

We look forward to having you join us for this series.

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